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Who SUNCS at your office? Probably everyone.

So you’ve heard about BYOD. But not about SUNCS. Yet it is probably more widespread; odds are that you have more than one co-worker in your office that SUNCS. It is rarely acknowledged – but in fact, it permeates many … Läs mer

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Just like House – but with real-world IT

Q: How can you tell House, M.D. is fiction? A: They never have problems with their EMR or other IT systems. * * * The following reads just like the script for an episode of House. But it’s for real: … Läs mer

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Overworked from Electronich Health Records (EHR)

American EHR Partners notes that Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR) means much more work for physicians. In clinics that have implemented an EHR, doctors often spend considerable time working after-hours in the clinic, or at home in the evenings. This feedback … Läs mer

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