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Peak IT and complexity: Keynote at Trondheim Developer Conference

On the same subject that we spoke in the UX Podcast – the increasing complexity, and the suspicion that we’re on the curve of diminishing returns from digital investments – here’s my keynote ”What if digital stops delivering value?” from … Läs mer

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About the perils of digital complexity – in UX podcast

Recently, I had the privilige of being invited (again) to the UX Podcast, by the brilliant Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson. Our conversation in UX Podcast #145 is a lot about complexity and productivity. I argue that we’re on the … Läs mer

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When ”delightful complexity” is relevant – and when it’s not

When I (and others) argue that computer systems in the workplace should be less confusing, and easier to use, the notion of “delightful complexity” often comes up – perhaps as a question from the audience. For example, that happened last … Läs mer

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