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When ”delightful complexity” is relevant – and when it’s not

When I (and others) argue that computer systems in the workplace should be less confusing, and easier to use, the notion of “delightful complexity” often comes up – perhaps as a question from the audience. For example, that happened last … Läs mer

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Featuritis vs. the Happy User Peak

Not new, but Kathy Sierra’s Featuritis-curve is too good to not repeat at the beginning of the year. To show a real-life example, from 2013: this interface from an enterprise system has 11 menus, 14 tabs, 9 buttons, around 20 … Läs mer

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This goes to eleven: the bus driver’s many interfaces

I snapped this pic in the transfer bus from central Stockholm to the ferry terminal (click to see a larger image). I counted to ten different screens around the driver’s seat. Nine were special devices, mounted to the dashboard: the … Läs mer

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Hey, startups: bad enterprise software is there for you to fix

Yongfook, entrepreneur based in Singapore, encourages startups to take on the challenges of enterprise software: ”Every day, hundreds of millions of people go to work and hate the piece of shit software they have to use to perform their jobs. … Läs mer

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