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When ”delightful complexity” is relevant – and when it’s not

When I (and others) argue that computer systems in the workplace should be less confusing, and easier to use, the notion of “delightful complexity” often comes up – perhaps as a question from the audience. For example, that happened last … Läs mer

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”Well-functioning IT” more important than high salary to employees, new study finds

What do employees value most for their job satisfaction? When 1,027 men and women in Sweden were asked, 82 percent answered “high salary” – perhaps not very surprising. But it turned out that another factor was even more important: “well-functioning, … Läs mer

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Big Data in the digital workplace: the high-tech dream

I have a piece over at Medium, called Tomorrow’s technology, yesterday’s insights. It’s about how the tech industry now tries to convince HR that big data, harvested through surveillance of employees, is a must-have – and the roots and implications … Läs mer

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We demand consumer-grade usability at the office!

We’re very happy to welcome the distinguished Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton to the ranks of our campaign for consumer-grade usability in enterprise software. She joins her colleague, the former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Bildt, who … Läs mer

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Digital tractors and combines too hard to handle

New tractors, combines and other farm equipment are so full of digital bells and whistles, that they’re becoming hard to use and extremley hard to maintain and fix, says Wired: ”Farm auction expert Greg Peterson noted that demand for newer … Läs mer

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”On the unusability of internal systems”

On a more serious note (than the last post): Leisa Reichelt, who is Head of User Research at the Government Digital Service in the UK Cabinet Office, has a great post On the unusability of internal systems at her blog … Läs mer

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The doctor that rocks the mouse

Henrik Ahlén was bewildered. Each of the three computers he was looking at was connected to a humming test tube rocker (the machine that rocks your blood test sample, so it won’t coagulate). But something wasn’t right. These computers were … Läs mer

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Electronic Health Records: ”A disease in need of a cure”, says NY Times

In most industries, automation leads to increased efficiency, even employee layoffs. In health care, it seems, the computer has created the need for an extra human in the exam room. A Busy Doctor’s Right Hand, Ever Ready to Type (Jan … Läs mer

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“Your stupid system makes me fat!”

One of my points is that stupid IT systems put a heavy cognitive load on the users. Cognitive processing – aka ”to have to think” – is actually hard work. We can see it in rising levels of stress and … Läs mer

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Who SUNCS at your office? Probably everyone.

So you’ve heard about BYOD. But not about SUNCS. Yet it is probably more widespread; odds are that you have more than one co-worker in your office that SUNCS. It is rarely acknowledged – but in fact, it permeates many … Läs mer

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