Proud recipient of the Grand Prize for Human-Computer Interaction

stimdi's grand prize

I’m extremely proud to be the recipient of Sweden’s finest award in human-computer interaction: Stimdis’s Grand Prize.
Stimdi is the Swedish professional organisation for everyone active in HCI, in interaction design (IXD), user experience (UX), information architecture (IA) and all the other labels of our general profession; i.e. to make digital technology easier to use and more valuable to people.

Stimdi made the following announcement at the prize ceremony:

”With his book ‘Jävla skitsystem’ [‘Stupid bloody system’] – which has attracted much media attention – and through other work including consulting, lecturing and blogging, Jonas has revealed the problems of poor usability to many outside our business.
One of our constant difficulties, working in human-computer interaction, is poor ‘disease awareness’ among our clients and suppliers: Jonas has disseminated his invaluable views not only through the written word but also, in person, thanks to his quick-fire banter.”

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