At last, in English

Finally – a translation into English of my book ”Jävla skitsystem” (”Stupid xxxx system”) is in the works. Translator John-Eje Thelin/Mastered Ideas has started the job.

John-Eje is an old friend, but most of all an excellent translator – with a great sense of humor. Since many have pointed out that the book is very funny (which I wasn’t quite aware of myself), that was very important!

Ever since the first Swedish edition came out in 2010, a lot of people have asked, ”When will it be published in English?” So, why the long waiting time?

Me being generally sloppy very busy, I guess. A deeper reason is that that book is framed in the Nordic concept of a total ”work environment”. There isn’t any direct equivalent in English. In the Anglo-Saxon world, basically, a much narrower concept of ”occupational safety and hazards” is used: It’s mostly about hard hats, protective glasses, and things like that.

However, recently it has become clear that the concepts ”digital workplace” and ”digital work experience” can carry the same meaning as the Swedish concept.

Another concern is that my thoughts also come from a mindset special to the Nordic countries: a commitment to conversation and dialogue between employees and management, decent trade unions, and empowerment of employees, even giving them power over how their workplace is designed.

That is not as self-evident in many parts of the world, where criticism of the ”work environment” might result in a ”So you don’t like to work here? Fine, clean your desk.”

The English edition will therefore focus more on the consequences for productivity and efficiency.

It will take several months, but I’m very much looking forward to the job!

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