”Well-functioning IT” more important than high salary to employees, new study finds

What do employees value most for their job satisfaction? When 1,027 men and women in Sweden were asked, 82 percent answered “high salary” – perhaps not very surprising.

But it turned out that another factor was even more important: “well-functioning, trouble-free IT systems”. Nearly 9 out of 10 (87 percent) included that in their answers, putting it on top of of the list of what’s important for employee satisfaction.

When the same survey was conducted in 2011, high salary and trouble-free IT systems shared the first place. But now well-functioning IT has taken the lead.

This certainly reflects how all-pervasive digital systems have become in almost every workplace. But it also indicates that ill-functioning, badly designed digital systems at work have been a serious headache for an overwhelming majority of workers.

The survey was made by TNS Sifo in March 2015. The respondents were men and women between 25 and 64. All respondents used mobile phones and laptops provided by their employer. They worked in organizations with at least 10 employees.

Source: CIO Sweden, April 30 2015 (in English via Google translate)

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