We demand consumer-grade usability at the office!

Carl Bildt and Hillary Clinton deman consumer-grade usability at the office

We’re very happy to welcome the distinguished Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton to the ranks of our campaign for consumer-grade usability in enterprise software. She joins her colleague, the former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Bildt, who also used private e-mail during his time in office.

Like millions of people over the world, they have realised that the software and IT systems of their organisations aren’t really up to scratch. So basically, everyone SUNCS – Secretly Uses Non-Corporate Software – simply to get his or her important job done.

The private e-mail is much ”more convenient” , Ms. Clinton admitted to the NYTimes. Mr. Bildt already in 2012 remarked that the official e-mail system of the Swedish Government was so hard to use that he didn’t bother with it but for the most sensitive documents and messages (a bit in English here).

With their combined efforts, we’re certain that the campaign will be successful. There’s hope that the plight of so many, that hate the piece of shit software that they have to use at work, will soon be over. Venceremos!

Photo: US Embassy of Sweden/flickr under cc-license.

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