”On the unusability of internal systems”

On a more serious note (than the last post): Leisa Reichelt, who is Head of User Research at the Government Digital Service in the UK Cabinet Office, has a great post On the unusability of internal systems at her blog disambiguity.

the thick notebook of a worker at a flight check-in desk - scribbled notes and post-its with help and instructions for all the systems she has to use

”Joy’s notebook is about two inches thick, she’s created an A-Z index for it, it is packed full of handwritten notes about how to do different tasks in the various system she uses – steps that need following, codes that need inputting. (..)
She told me that each time they upgrade the system it seems to get harder, not easier, to use. Joy told me that all the customer service reps have a notebook like this. You can’t use the systems without one. Joy is digitally literate and confident with the computer, but it is impossible to use without the notebook.”

If you want to hear more from or connect with Leisha, she’ll be speaking at the From Business To Buttons conference in Stockholm, April 21 2015.

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