Featuritis vs. the Happy User Peak

Not new, but Kathy Sierra’s Featuritis-curve is too good to not repeat at the beginning of the year.

The Featuritis Curve by Kathy Sierra

To show a real-life example, from 2013: this interface from an enterprise system has 11 menus, 14 tabs, 9 buttons, around 20 icons with other functions, some scroll bars, more than 50 fields (just under this menu/tab-combination). Menus and tabs are even repeated in a left-hand navigation.

Feature-rich screenshot

Although many of the functions may be necessary, even vital, the design is a hopeless clutter that puts a completely unnecessary strain on the user’s cognitive resources. (In the most recent version of the system I saw, the number of tabs had increased to 20.)

See also: “Your stupid system makes me fat!” (Dec 23, 2013).

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