Coming: Keynote at Intranets2014

I am deeply honoured to have been invited to give a keynote at the Intranets2014 conference in Sydney, Australia, in May 2014. And of course very excited, too!

Thanks to the lovely people at Step Two Designs, who organises the conference. You should know that Step Two is widely regarded as the world’s foremost intranet experts. Check out their excellent books, for example.

The term “intranet” is increasingly giving way to the term “digital workplace”. Though not perfect, it pretty well sums up how today’s workplaces are immersed in digital technology.

But while most of the new digital services and products that we can enjoy at home, as consumers, are smooth and pleasant, many of the systems in the workplace are still ugly, arcane and cumbersome to work with. And the gap is actually widening. But why? And what are the consequences? And what can we do about it? I’ll try to address some of those questions in the keynote.

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