My keynote from Booster

This is my opening keynote from the great Booster conference in Bergen, Norway earlier this month.
My focus here is to encourage developers to take on the often stupid enterprise systems that we have to use in the workplace. And I also want Scandinavian designers to build upon the heritage and tradition of ”Scandinavian design”, with the democratic design ideals and focus on simplicity, minimalism, functionality. Those guiding principles are exceptionally well suited in a digital world.

Link to Vimeo: Get up from your chair, get digital! – Jonas Söderström’s opening keynote. You can grab the slides for ”Get off that chair, get digital” from Speakerdeck.

And please note! There are lots of other great talks at Booster’s Vimeo site. Do have a look!

Thanks to the Booster team for a truly great conference!

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